Anabolic fasting schedule

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I know most are not interested in the health aspects of leangains intermittent fasting program but I have some big concerns about it so I will cover it quickly. A bad omen is that as far as I can tell, the words “vegetable”, “fiber”, and “anti-oxidant” do not seem to appear anywhere on the leangains website but there is a whole section on supplements. I’m a bit concerned about what the people following the Leangains program are actually eating. As far as the health of the intermittent fasting itself. It does appear the following the leangains intermittent fasting program does improve your cholesterol levels but according to  this study , it appears that the same benefit can be achieved by exercise alone. The other concern I have about the health aspects of the leangains program is that it does not include cardio. In my opinion, daily cardio is the kernel of any fitness program that has overall health and well being as a goal.

Hi Tony – great insight. Few questions:
– I am doing 16/8 – pm is last meal and 1230 pm next day is the first meal. Have a 4 pm healthy snack.
– I do my workout in the morning 7-8 am (on empty and dont have anything after the workout) – is this ok to have this gap? I read that HGH is released with IF so there is no need to worry about muscle breakdown as the HGH will protect the muscles.
– I saw a post on youtube that even BCAA’s / Whey Proteins spike insulin so have stayed away from them during the fasting phase – is your thought the same?
– 1 week into it – I sleep so much better / feel stronger / lighter / more alert and hunger is so much less. Weight is steady though dropped only 1 pound in a week.

Anabolic fasting schedule

anabolic fasting schedule


anabolic fasting scheduleanabolic fasting scheduleanabolic fasting scheduleanabolic fasting scheduleanabolic fasting schedule