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The first Games held under the auspices of the IOC was hosted in the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens in 1896. The Games brought together 14 nations and 241 athletes who competed in 43 events. [38] Zappas and his cousin Konstantinos Zappas had left the Greek government a trust to fund future Olympic Games. This trust was used to help finance the 1896 Games. [39] [40] [41] George Averoff contributed generously for the refurbishment of the stadium in preparation for the Games. [42] The Greek government also provided funding, which was expected to be recouped through the sale of tickets and from the sale of the first Olympic commemorative stamp set. [42]

History will be made in 2016 when Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hosts the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, marking the first time that a South American country will welcome the world to an Olympic Games. The venues for Rio 2016 will feature newly built facilities along with some of the city’s most famous sports arenas, such as the Maracana. Rio, Brazil’s second largest city with nearly 12 million residents, has a history of hosting large sporting events, including the 2007 Pan Am Games and 2014 FIFA World Cup. While the 2016 Games will feature all of the traditional Olympic sports – such as athletics, gymnastics and aquatic events – golf (which last appeared at St. Louis 1904) will be welcomed back and rugby sevens will be introduced. More than 10,000 athletes from over 200 nations will compete at the Games.

Are olympic athletes on steroids

are olympic athletes on steroids


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