Do olympic lifters use steroids

The type of shoes worn by Olympic weightlifters is perhaps their most distinctive piece of equipment. Weightlifting shoes are typically designed with a raised heel of " to " and one or two metatarsal straps that tighten across the instep of the shoe. The raised heel helps the lifter maintain an upright torso while catching the bar and also allows for a deeper squat under the bar. The soles of the shoes are also quite rigid, helping to resist compression while under heavy loads. The shoes are designed for maximum stability while remaining flexible in the "toebox". This allows the lifter to come up on the toes and to catch the weight on the ball of the back foot during the "jerk" movement of the lift. [9]

Hey Brandon,
So after slipping a disc in my back I was out of lifting for a few years and have been progressing from being only able to deadlift like 135lbs. My back squat is probably back up to around 315lbs, my front squat 265lbs, clean 215lbs, snatch 185lbs, and deadlift 385lbs. I spent much time building my back squat back up which helped my snatch but didn’t really do much for my front squat and consequently didn’t do much for my clean. I am planning on doing a high volume front squat program to really that up but I am worried that it won’t go up since it is already about 85% of my back squat. So do I need to focus on back squatting first? This stuff gets kind of confusing. Thanks

Do olympic lifters use steroids

do olympic lifters use steroids


do olympic lifters use steroidsdo olympic lifters use steroidsdo olympic lifters use steroidsdo olympic lifters use steroidsdo olympic lifters use steroids