Halter horses on steroids

Yup, you sure are in denial. I do detest your name calling and your hollier than thou intimidation. You think I am a vegetarian and a member of PETA. That is definitely name calling and profiling. That’s your typical profile of someone who disagrees with you eh?
You want concrete evidence that 50% of the thoroughbred foal crop goes to slaughter? You can find all of that information on the USDA website as they track American horses and breeds that get sent to slaughter every year. Last year 18,000 Thoroughbred race horses were sent to slaughter for human consumption. Foal crop is about 35,000 annually.
Boy, you really have your head in the sand don’t you? Maybe you don’t know that there are currently no slaughter plants in the US. American horses are sent to Mexico and Canada for slaughter for human consumption. They picked up the slack after the last US slaughter house closed in 2007 rapidly and efficiently.

Meat: The most economically important product from the Yak is its juicy, flavorful, and healthy meat. The flavor can be compared to sweet beef flavor with no gaminess and no greasy after taste. While being 95% fat-free, its delicate, delicious flavor comes from its unique distribution of fatty acid percentages. Yaks are extremely low in palmitic acid that is bad for our health (30% less than beef as a percentage of fats and 120% less than beef as a percentage of meat.) Yak meat is also much lower in calories, saturated fats, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Simultaneously, Yak meat is much higher in stearic and oleic acids that are good for us (35% higher than beef as a percentage of fats.) Yak meat is also higher in protein and solids (less water) than beef. All these "Faks™" combine to suggest that Yak meat may be the healthiest meat you can eat, certainly better than beef, or even buffalo, elk, or skinless chicken. Yak is even lower in fat than salmon. All this is accomplished on a grass/forage diet alone, with no grain, hormone, steroid, or antibiotic feed supplements. Furthermore, Half-Yak meat chemistries and flavor are almost identical to pure Yak meat. For your own homegrown meat supply, there is no choice that is healthier and tastier than your own Yak or Yak-cross meat.

Halter horses on steroids

halter horses on steroids


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