Is albuterol sulphate a steroid

Endotracheal intubation and ventilation for impending respiratory failure:
Intubation and mechanical ventilation can be life-saving interventions but their use in paediatric patients with asthma have been associated with significant adverse effects. Up to 26% of children intubated due to asthma have complications, such as pneumothorax or impaired venous return, and cardiovascular collapse because of increased intrathoracic pressure [31] . Mechanical ventilation during an asthma exacerbation is associated with increased risk of death and should be considered as a last resort and only in conjunction with the support of a paediatric ICU specialist.

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Is albuterol sulphate a steroid

is albuterol sulphate a steroid


is albuterol sulphate a steroidis albuterol sulphate a steroidis albuterol sulphate a steroidis albuterol sulphate a steroidis albuterol sulphate a steroid