Prednisolone steroid tablets

I am currently taking prednisone 20mg tablets. Is this safe? Per tour article, it states “no more than 20mg”. I have been married 16yrs, and we have been trying for 14yrs to conceive, been on numerous cycles of Clomid, had a couple of Hysterosalpingogram done, had my uterus and ovaries checked with ultrasound, every test an procedure I have done have all come back normal. Only explanation I have been given, unexplainable, but see nothing wrong for us to conceive. Last year we visited with a fertility specialist, and we will need to come up with about $750 to begin fertility treatment. In conclusion, can I continue with taking and finishing the prednisone that I am on, and engage in intercourse with my husband? This week I should be ovulating, according to the period diary app I use.

The first isolation and structure identifications of prednisone and prednisolone were done in 1950 by Arthur Nobile . [23] [24] [25] The first commercially feasible synthesis of prednisone was carried out in 1955 in the laboratories of Schering Corporation, which later became Schering-Plough Corporation , by Arthur Nobile and coworkers. [26] They discovered that cortisone could be microbiologically oxidized to prednisone by the bacterium Corynebacterium simplex. The same process was used to prepare prednisolone from hydrocortisone . [27]

Prednisolone steroid tablets

prednisolone steroid tablets


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