Steroid bodybuilding pics

Ever since she started the whole bodybuilding crap I rarely post pictures of Jodie Marsh anymore, there’s something about a chick who’s ripped like a man that really turns me off, but it’s been so long that I thought I’d give her another chance. Here she is out the other night dressed like a woman, showing off a whole lot of cleavage like a woman, and yet somehow managing to look like a shemale. I don’t like it. Obviously I know she’s all woman, but I’ve seen more lady like chicks than this in Bangkok. I’m just saying.

This ultimately stacks the division with a ton of girls who have no business being on stage. (But drop one of them a line on Facebook for meal plans!) Of course they look tan, toned, and pretty. They glitter and sparkle and the camera flashes go off when she turns around and bends over and pushes her vagina out to the third row. Then Facebook and Instagram get plastered with sexy pics and before you know it, a slew of other girls who have no business on stage, and even less shame, end up prepping for a show because they want to be like them too.

As stated before, bodybuilding is pretty sexual in a variety of ways; the intensity of its connection with one's sexual desires depends on the person. I just don't like it when some bodybuilders try to act as if they never thought muscles could be a sexual thing or that sex appeal was never one of their motivations when they decided to pick up bodybuilding. The denial is usually to deny or dissociate bodybuilding from same-sex desire though. It doesn't matter what your sexual orientation is; everybody instinctively understands muscles are sexual in nature. We instictively know that women with a big breast and butt is sexually attractive even though we don't feel attracted to the opposite sex.

Steroid bodybuilding pics

steroid bodybuilding pics


steroid bodybuilding picssteroid bodybuilding picssteroid bodybuilding picssteroid bodybuilding picssteroid bodybuilding pics