Steroids in head injury

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A PCL deficient knee has an increased risk of early onset of degenerative changes in the medial and patellofemoral compartments.

Strobel et al conducted a retrospective arthroscopic review of 181 PCL-deficient knees that were treated nonoperatively initially but later underwent knee arthroscopy. They found that PCL insuffiency significantly increased the risk of developing medial femoral condyle and patellar cartilage degeneration over time. Of the patients whose PCL-deficiency was present for more than 5 years, % showed degenerative cartilage lesions of the medial femoral condyle and % showed cartilage degeneration of the patella. After 1 year of PCL insufficiency, the number of medial femoral cartilage lesions increased threefold (% v %).

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Steroids in head injury

steroids in head injury


steroids in head injurysteroids in head injurysteroids in head injurysteroids in head injurysteroids in head injury