Test e winstrol cycle log

“Too much protein is not a problem, unless you really overdose, which would mean eating twice the amount your body needs for a long time. When your body has more protein than necessary, it simply disassembles the excess protein, uses the amino acids it needs, and discards the leftover nitrogen through the kidneys. The body can’t store protein the way it stores energy in fat tissues. Sometimes when someone eats too much protein over a long time, the body will either break down the protein and use it as an energy source or deposit it as fat. You virtually never have to worry about children getting too much protein; in fact, parents usually worry about picky eaters not getting enough protein. Excess protein is not usually a worry for adults either, unless they are suffering from kidney disease.”

On side note sex life is fucking amaze lool abs nicer feeling to flex, feels tighter dryer that I'm starting to notice with the masteron and winny.. girls deff notice. Been slacking working out as hard and diet definitely isn't in surplus, but I'm just getting cut and dry for beach body so not so big of deal. Exercise wise feeling the pumps for sure though, easier to get deep into the burn..pretty much sums up first 2 weeks. Come on tren..shits gonna get real real fast once thats here. Won't even be worth a cycle if I don't get that lol.

Test e winstrol cycle log

test e winstrol cycle log


test e winstrol cycle logtest e winstrol cycle logtest e winstrol cycle logtest e winstrol cycle logtest e winstrol cycle log