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PAPA-ARTIS is a phase II trial to demonstrate that a staged treatment approach can reduce paraplegia and mortality dramatically. It can be expected to have both a dramatic impact on the individual patient's quality of life if saved from a wheelchair, and also upon financial systems through savings in; 1) lower costs in EU health care; 2) lower pay-outs in disability insurance (est. at 500k in Year 1), and; 3) loss of economic output from unemployment. Approx. 2500 patients a year in Europe undergo these high risk operations with a cumulative paraplegia rate of over 15%; therefore >100M per year in costs can be avoided and significantly more considering the expected elimination of type II endoleaks.

You can also get netflow data from Cisco ASA firewalls but be warned since Cisco heavily modified the netflow data format for the ASA firewall. One tool that does understand the Cisco-modified format is ManageEngine’s Netflow Analyzer. That one is a free download and runs as the full product for 30 days then reverts to a stripped down free product. Or you can get the Cisco tools for manging the ASA but they are more expensive. I don’t know if Nagios has a plugin that understands the Cisco ASA version of netflow but I would guess the commercial salesguys would be more than happy to answer that question.

Ttm steroids

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