Viraloid super anabolic review

As you may know, the starting point (raw material) for all synthetic anabolic steroids including Deca, D-Bol, Winstrol, Anavar, Depotestosterone, Anadrol and Primabolen is the wild yam. Basically, German chemists discovered certain parts of a yam's hormonal make-up was identical to human testosterone so they synthetically replicated this model in the lab and then modified its chemical structure to create the various anabolic steroids just mentioned. So steroids and prohormones are synthetic replications of something already found in nature.

This product was a little disappointing to me. I expected more results. I didn't have any weight gain, instead I had an acne attack (side effects).
BigBone I have been on it for 6 days so far and it has been great. no side effects so far. Bench is increasing dramatically and it really gets you cut too. I'll let you guys know more in a week or so.
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Viraloid super anabolic review

viraloid super anabolic review


viraloid super anabolic reviewviraloid super anabolic reviewviraloid super anabolic review